Sacred Earth Soul Journey at the Inner Goddess Circle

Lyn Thurman - Inner Goddess CircleThe Inner Goddess Circle is a membership group where you can deepen your spiritual path, connect with a goddess each month and journey alongside other soulful women to share and support your experiences.

First of all, thank you for finding my small, sacred (virtual) space in the endless ocean of the internet.   I am very excited you're here.  I'm Lyn Thurman - author of the Inner Goddess Revolution, creator of the Sea Whispers Oracle and found of the Inner Goddess Circle (that's where you're at!).

During 2017, we are exploring and deepening our connection to the Sacred Earth.  This is not exclusively a look at Mother Nature (and all her glory) but how we live, love and grow on our beautiful planet.

The Sacred Earth Soul Journey 2017

Develop, grow and connect with the Sacred Earth Mother as we journey through 2017, exploring a different theme and goddess each month.

The Sacred Earth Mother will be a constant companion and you'll connect with her through guided visualisations Mp3s, journaling and with a monthly Sacred Earth Soul Journey workbook.

We will also be creating a Sacred Earth Oracle so you can explore the world around you through creativity.  By the end of the year, you will have a personal-to-you oracle deck perfectly tuned to your intuition.

Gather online in a sacred, secret Facebook group and join live mini-rituals during the eight celebrations honoured as the wheel of the year turns.

The themes for 2017 are:

January | Connection 

February | Renewal

March | Balance

April | Growth

May | Blossoming

June | Transformation

July | Manifestation

August | Abundance

September | Thankfulness

October | Honouring

November | Reflection

December | Celebration

The journey begins..... take your place

If you're looking for a sacred space to connect with your inner goddess,  find guidance along your soul path and meet some lovely people along the way, you really need to join me here at the Inner Goddess Circle.

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