An invitation to step into the Circle 
Lyn Thurman

Lyn Thurman - Author & Founder of the Inner Goddess Circle

The Inner Goddess Circle is a membership group where you can connect with a goddess each month and journey alongside other soulful women to share and support your experiences.

First of all, thank you for finding my small sacred (virtual) space in the endless ocean of the internet.   I really am very excited you're here.

The Inner Goddess Circle is an evolution from my Soul Path Tribe (est. 2012).  It's still Soul Path walking (aka following your passions and purpose) but now with extra juicy inner goddess goodness.

Each month you can explore a different goddess (check out the agenda) with me.

I write an Inner Goddess Light workbook, write & record a goddess inspired guided visualisation, and there's also a hypno-healing MP3 produced just for Circle members by our resident hypnotherapist (and my partner, Paul).

Here are the latest monthly downloads for you:

Inner Goddess Light - Pele

Pele - Passion

Fiery, determined and creative - this month we meet Hawaiian Pele. She's the goddess of volcanoes, fire, creativity, dance and lightening.

Pele is passionate, determined and creative - could you use a little Pele-magic in your life?
Pele's Passion

Pele's Passion

Travel to the Big Island of Hawaii and venture to the volcano to meet with Pele. She wants to give you passion - are you ready to receive it?

The MP3 is approximately 10 minutes long.
Hypno Healing Passion


Passion is the necessary ingredient to living a fulfilled life. Yet, it often gets buried by our busyness.

This hypno-healing mp3 will tap your unconscious mind, prompt it to instantly remind you of your greatest passion and show you how to obtain it.

When you join the Inner Goddess Circle as a yearly member, you also get access to our archives.  Why don't you take a sneak peek  in The Archives?

There are oodles more that go on here at The Inner Goddess Circle.

I have a secret Inner Goddess Circle Facebook group that I'll invite you to join.  It's members only, and large enough not to be lonely but small enough so it's not overwhelming.

And there are member only events throughout the month too - check out the events calendar.

So, if you're looking for a sacred space to connect with your inner goddess,  find guidance along your soul path and meet some lovely people along the way, you really need to join me here at the Inner Goddess Circle.

I can't wait to welcome you.

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